Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

TO Package Socket

Socket – TO Package Test Socket

It is used for burn in test of the transistor outline (TO) package, optical devices or coaxial devices in package, including two families of TO46 and TO56.

  • Application: The transistor outline (TO) package
  • Nb of Pins: 2~20
  • Pitch: 1.0mm ~ 2.54mm
  •  Good quality plastic material LCP/PPS is used for socket body with high flame retardant and high temperature resistance. 

  • Temperature range of 120~135 celcius degress, durability is more than 5000 hours.

  • Temperature range of 135~150 celcius degress, durability is more than 200 hours. 

  • Temperature range of 135~150℃, durability is more than 200 hours.

  • Good life span with 20000 cycles of insertion.

  • The contact terminal is made of beryllium copper with gold plating, with high stability and reliability.


TO56-5-2.54 规格书 - en.png

       We offer 2 series of TO socket:







  • TO series test socket is used for electrical performance test or burn in test of optical devices, coaxial devices and transistoroutline (TO) package.

  • With high temperature grade and high test stability.

  • High cost performance ratio.

  • TO46 and TO56 series are available, for more please contact us.

  • Customized design upon customer's requirements. 



Material Module Body:              LCP, PPS

Contact material:                   Beryllium copper with Au plating

Operation Temperature:          120 ~ 135 ℃

Life Span:                                          20K Cycles

Spring Force:                                 30g ~ 50g per Pin


Current Rating:                        2A

DC Resistance:                              Max. 50mΩ

Contact reliability:                          99.5%

Application Examples



The transistor outline (TO) pacakge family consists of many types of packaging solution for transistors and similar discrete devices as weel as simple IC's with low pin counts. We mainly offer two TO package series test socket.

One is TO56 with outer diameter of 5.6 mm. The main application range is conventional optical devices, because the size of 5.6 mm is moderate, which is consistent with the structure of conventional SFP module and XFP module, so it has been greatly developed. At present, it is mainly used in LD-TO devices. 

The other one is TO46 mainly used in PD-TO.

Sireda provide a wide range of sockets for BGA, QFN, QFP, connector,  FPC, connector, etc.  For more information, please contact