Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

DDR5 DIMM Test Socket

DDR5 DIMM socket is used for testing DDR5 UDIMM or RDIMM memory modules. The ingenious design is especially suitable for automatic testing. Soldering free, easy to replace and so as to high efficiency.

  • Application: DIMM & UDIMM & RDIMM
  • Nb of Pins: 288 or others
  • Pitch: 0.85mm

DDR5 DIMM Test Socket


1498021773838812.gifSMD mounting method (non soldering) is adopted for easy replacement.

1498021773838812.gifSpecial design makes it easy to pull-out DIMM memory modules.

1498021773838812.gif Material and frequency meet ROHS and industry standards respectively.

1498021773838812.gifHigh-quality materials are chosen for durable and long service life. 




DDR5 DIMM Socket Drawing



  • Used for DDR5 UDIMM or RDIMM test.

  • Inserstion force not exceed 6Kgf.

  • Open and pull-out force not exceed 2Kgf.

  • Design impedance: 50Ω or less

  • Life span: 100K cycles or above



Material Socket Body:               BeCu, PEI, FR4 ESD

Contact Type:                                Stamped Terminal

Operation Temperature:           -40 ~ 150 ℃

Life Span:                                           100K cycles or above


Frequency range:                      6GHz~

Design impedance:                           50Ω or less

DDR5 UDIMM Socket terminal & PCB PAD



Highly customized DDR4 and DDR5 various DIMM, UDIMM, RDIMM memory test sockets, we provide good design and quality assurance. Looking forward to cooperating with you!