Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

Auto Camera Module Socket

An auto camera module socket is also known as a camera module connector. After the camera module is manufactured, it needs to be placed camera module socket to test whether various optical and electrical performance indicators meet the requirements. We specialize in providing a comprehensive solution for automated socket for camera modules.

  • Application: Notebook Camera, SmartPhone Camera, Tablet Camera, Security Camera, AR/VR Camera, etc.
  • Nb of Pins: No limit
  • Pitch: 0.35mm or above

CMOS camera module automated testing


1498021773838812.gifSuitable for manual/automatic verification and testing of CMOS  Sensor, CMOS module (camera module), etc.

1498021773838812.gifSuitable for products with a pitch of 0.20mm or more.


 Other automated camera moulde Test Connector



  • It is suitable for various types of camera modules, as well as the validation, measurement, and analysis of CMOS modules. 

  • Customized design and manufacturing are available according to the specific needs of customers. 

  • It can be used for FT function testing, as well as system-level testing, validation, and analysis. 

  • Provide both manual and automatic testing solutions to meet the needs of most customers. 





 Material Socket Body:               Torlon/PPS/PEEK Ceramic

Material Socket Lid:                AL, POM

Contact:                                         Pogo Pin

Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 140 ℃

Life Span:                                         100K Cycles

Spring Force:                                 20g ~ 30g per Pin


Current Rating:                        1A

DC Resistance:                              Max. 50mΩ

702-0000941Test SocketBGA32 0.58mm ACM135 ATE 5.268x3.193mm 4eaBGA32TorlonAutomatic
702-0000994Test SocketBTB24 0.35mm CCM 17.3x9mm MTEBTB24Peek陶瓷Manual
702-0000995Test SocketBTB24 0.35mm CCM 17.3x9mm ATEBTB24Peek陶瓷Automatic
702-0001045Test SocketBTB24 0.4mm CCM 8x19.29mm MTEBTB24PPSManual
702-0001054Test SocketBTB40 0.4mm CCM O3F001 MTEBTB40PPSManual