Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

RF Test Socket Test Fixture

RF test socket or RF test fixture is used for testing various RF chips and RF modules. The RF frequency can reach 60GHz. RF conductive elastmer and RF probe board are adopted to improve the grounding performance and heat dissipation performance of the chip.

  • Application: BGA, QFN, LGA, ...
  • Nb of Pins: 8~1000
  • Pitch: 0.35mm~1.0mm

RF Test Socket Test Fixture


  • Meet performance test of RF products within 60GHz, and solve connection problem of RF test.

  • Equipped with both external control (rectangular plug) and RF output interface (which can be configured according to customer requirements)

  • RF transmission PCB can be provided by customers or designed and simulated by us.

  • Highly customized and reliable performance Impedance: 50 Ω

Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture

                   Commom RF Test Fixture

Key Parts of RF Test Fixture:

1. RF Conductive Elastmer

We developed RF conductive elastmer with thickness of 0.1~0.4mm based on our simulation. It can be matched according to the BGA chip test point.


 2. RF Probe Board

The RF probe board solves short circuit problem of control power supply by making insulation treatment on the probe mounting board.


3. Coaxial and PCB Hybrid Board

RF cable is directly embedded on the chip grounding plate, the central conductor of the coaxial cable is used for RF signal transmission, and the outer shielding layer of the coaxial line is crimped with the chip grounding plate, which can ensure the effective transmission of RF signal.



  • Used for RF chip or RF module test

  • Frequency range: 0 ~ 60GHz (90GHz under development)

  • Design impedance: 50 Ω

  • Standing wave: random evaluation (standing wave deterioration ratio < = 0.2)

  • Loss: random evaluation (loss increase ratio welding < = 0.3dB)



Material Socket Body:               Copper, PEEK Ceramic, AL, Torlon

Contact Type:                                Conductive elastmer or Pogo pin

Operation Temperature:           -45 ~ 125 ℃

Life Span:                                           12K~60K cycles


Frequency range:                      DC~60GHz

Design impedance:                           50Ω

Application of RF Test Socket & Test Fixture

Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture  Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture

                      10GHz RF Test Fixture                                                                           60GHz RF Test Fixture

We design RF test fixture that matches the customer's product size and test function points. The fixture has both external control (rectangular plug) and RF output interface (can be configured according to the customer's requirements) to connect instruments and meters, and finally realize the test of product performance.

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