Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

The Importance of Phone Testers in Chip Validation

2023-04-24 17:51:49 Sireda

The Importance of Phone Testers in Chip Validation

Mobile phone chip fixtures, also known as mobile phone test racks, are critical tools for testing and verifying the performance and functionality of mobile phone chips. In modern phone manufacturing processes, these fixtures are essential. They can test the performance and aging of chips in actual usage scenarios, providing important feedback and optimization suggestions to manufacturers.


The basic function of using a mobile phone chip fixture is to install a test socket on the motherboard, insert the DUT(device under test) into the socket, and test important parameters such as processing speed, power consumption, temperature, and transmission rate of the chip. In addition, it can also verify the performance of the chip in different scenarios, such as gaming, multitasking processing, audio and video processing, etc. These test data can help manufacturers understand the performance and potential issues of the chip and provide improvement solutions.


Furthermore, mobile phone chip fixtures can also help manufacturers evaluate the aging of the chip. As usage time increases, the performance and stability of mobile phone chips gradually decline. Manufacturers need to perform aging tests on the chip through fixtures to evaluate its lifespan and performance stability, providing a better user experience.


For important components such as SOC, LPDDR, and EMMC, verifying their performance and stability is crucial for mobile phone manufacturers. Verifying the performance of SOC can be done by testing its processing speed, power consumption, and temperature parameters in actual usage scenarios. When testing processing speed, multiple applications and tasks can be simulated to run simultaneously. When testing power consumption, different loads can be simulated to test power consumption under different scenarios. When testing temperature, the temperature change of SOC under high load can be tested.