Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

Chip-Off Data Recovery & Forensics

2018-02-07 12:18:24

Chip-off forensics is an acquisition procedure which involves physically removing the non-volatile integrated circuit (IC) from a device and reading it directly on an external specialized reader.Sireda Technology offers standard test solution for eMMC and eMCP. It is easy to read, access and write data for eMMC and eMCP chip with Sireda Socket. Here we would like to share data recovery from memory chips.


For damaged devices, just desolder memory chips, inserted into an SD Card Reader or USB Reader, and using a forensic software, then you will get the complete read of memory chips.

We provide two different interface reader, support hot plug:

  • Socket with SD adapter (SD Solution)

  • Socket with USB 3.0(USB Solution)



Patent(No:ZL201220056976.7) is used on clamshell lid. Compared with other design, Sireda socket is easy for operation, and much more durable.