Support: PCIe Gen4 and SAS4.0

IGBT Test Socket

IGBT Test Socket designed for high-current and high-voltage IGBT modules. It can be customized to meet the requirements of both hand test and ATE machines

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The main testing contents of the IGBT testing seat include:

1. Ensures the normal switching of the power switching components and prevents abnormal current/voltage.
 2.  Tests the performance of the IGBT under high current/voltage to verify its suitability for high-power appl
3. Validates the overcurrent/overvoltage protection to prevent accidental damage to the system.
4.  Evaluates the heat dissipation capability of the IGBT module to prevent overheating.
 5. Simulates actual working conditions to test the durability and stability of the IGBT module.






                    IGBT51 3.2mm TH400AN10U3-S500CT 62x109.85mm 



  • High adaptability: Designed specifically for high current and high voltage IGBT modules    to meet different application requirements.

  • Customized configuration: Highly customizable according to customer requirements, suitable for manual testing and ATE machine applications.

  • Comprehensive testing: Supports comprehensive testing of IGBT performance, stability, and protection characteristics to ensure product quality.

  • High efficiency: Improves testing efficiency and accelerates product development and validation processes.

  • Flexibility: Suitable for IGBT modules of different packages and specifications, providing flexible testing solutions.

  • Easy operation: User-friendly interface, reducing user barriers. Thermal management: Effective heat dissipation design to ensure stability during long-term testing processes.



Probe material: Torlon / Anti-static black fiberglass

Probe type: Phosphor bronze leaf spring probe

Operating temperature: -60 to +180 degrees Celsius 

Probe lifespan: 30,000 to 50,000 cycles 

DC resistance: ≤ 30 milliohms

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