USB Solution

Apply for write, read and erasion of eMMC, eMCP. Support for eMMC version 5.0 or above, support for USB version 2.0, Support of hot plug.

  • Pacakge: BGA
  • Nb of Pins: 2~200
  • Pitch: 0.35mm or above

USB Solution


1498021773838812.gifTest, debug or validation of IC devices of eMMC, eMCP

1498021773838812.gif System level or wafer test

1498021773838812.gif Failure analysis


USB-480 -1.png



  • Applicable for eMMC, eMCP devices from Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Kingston, Intel, etc.

  • Support for eMMC version 5.0 or above.

  • Chip-off IC devices failure analysis, real time write-and-read in forensic application.

  • Support for hot plug, eMMC/eMCP can be directly connected to PC with USB port.

  • USB version 3.0.



Material Socket Body:               Torlon/PPS

Material Socket Lid:                AL, POM

Contact:                                         Pogo Pin

Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 140 ℃

Life Span:                                          100K Cycles

Spring Force:                                 20g ~ 30g per Pin


Current Rating:                        2.59A

DC Resistance:                              42@0.65mm

Part NumberNameDescriptionPackagePin NbMaterialRemark
703-0000088USB SolutionBGA169 0.5mm eMMC CS125 12x18mm USBBGA169PPS/Torlon
703-0000091USB SolutionBGA162 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm USB BGA162PPS/Torlon
703-0000094USB SolutionBGA221 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm USB BGA221PPS/Torlon
703-0000230USB SolutionBGA529 0.5mm eMCP CS125 15x15mm USBBGA529PPS/Torlon
703-0000401USB SolutionBGA254 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm USB BGA254PPS/Torlon

Sireda provide USB Solution for memory IC chip data accessing, writting and reading. More USB Solution, please visit USB Solution Product List . For more information, please contact