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    USB Test Plug

    • PacakgeUSB
    • Nb of Pins4~24
    • Pitch0.5mm or above

    Test plug for Micro USB, USB Type C, USB3.0 A, etc for functional test, aging test or automatic test, with more than 15K life cycles to improve efficiency.

    1. Detailed information

    USB Test Plug


    1498021773838812.gif Changeover plug for Micro USB, Type C, USB3.0, etc

    1498021773838812.gif Longer life cycles to save cost

    1498021773838812.gif Apply for functional test, aging test and automatic test

    1498021773838812.gif Easy maintenance and changeover

    semiconductor test | Sireda Test Socketusb3.0 a.png

    704-0000346 USB3.0 A Male

    Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture

    704-0000356 USB3.0 A Male


    Micro USB  5 PIN - I.jpg  

    704-0000045 Micro USB 180° Male

    Micro USB  5 PIN - 2.jpg

    704-0000070 Micro USB 2.0 Male 

    USB Type-C 24 PIN.jpg

    704-0000095 USB Type-C 24 PIN Male


    • Applicable for functional test, aging test and even automatic test for Micro USB, USB Type C, USB3.0, etc.

    •  Good quality stainless steel or engineering plastic material was used to lower abrasion 

    • Signal PINs are made of beryllium-copper material with good conductivity, low delay and excellent elasticity, the contact resistance is less than 50 milliohms.

    • With long life span of up to 15000 cyeles.

    • No need to replace the entire USB cable so as to improve maintemance cost



    Test Plug Body:                            SUS/PEI

    Contact:                                         Beryllium copper

    Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 125 ℃

    Life Span:                                          15K Cycles


    Current Rating:                        1.0A

    DC Resistance:                              <50

    Part NumberNameDescriptionPackagePin NbMaterialRemark
    704-0000345Test PlugUSB3.0 A Male 60mm 180° CuUSB3.0 A9PEI
    704-0000045Test PlugMicro USB 2.0 Male 180° MMicro USB5SUS/PEI
    704-0000070Test PlugMicro USB 2.0 Male 90° MMicro USB5SUS/PEI
    704-0000293Test PlugUSB Type-C Male MUSB Type C24PEI
    704-0000356Test PlugUSB3.0 A Male 45.0mm 180° CuUSB3.0 A9PEI

    Sireda provide Test Plug for Micro USB, USB Type C, USB3.0, etc changeover for long life test. More Test Plug, please visit Test Plug Product List . For more information, please contact

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