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    SD Solution

    • PacakgeBGA
    • Nb of Pins2~999
    • Pitch0.5mm

    Apply for write, read and erasion of eMMC, eMCP. Support for eMMC version 5.0 or above,with SD interface , Support hot plug.

    1. Detailed information

    SD Solution


    1498021773838812.gif Test, debug or validation of IC devices of eMMC, eMCP

    1498021773838812.gif Data recovery tool

    1498021773838812.gif Failure analysis





    • Applicable for eMMC,eMCP devices from Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Kingston, Intel,etc, including BGA100, BGA136, BGA153, BGA169, BGA162, BGA186, BGA221, BGA254, BGA280, BGA529. 

    • Support for eMMC version 5.0 or above.

    • Chip-off IC devices failure analysis, real time write-and-read in forensic application.

    • Support for hot plug, eMMC/eMCP can be directly connected to PC with SD port.



    Material Socket Body:               Torlon/PPS

    Material Socket Lid:                AL, POM

    Contact:                                         Pogo Pin

    Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 140 ℃

    Life Span:                                          100K Cycles

    Spring Force:                                 20g ~ 30g per Pin


    Current Rating:                        2.59A

    DC Resistance:                              42@0.65mm

    Part NumberNameDescriptionPackagePin NbMaterialRemark
    702-0000899SD SolutionBGA221 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm SD B0 BABGA221PPS
    702-0000848SD SolutionBGA153 0.5mm eMMC CS125 11.5X13mm SD B0 BABGA153PPS
    702-0000857SD SolutionBGA162 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm SD B0 BA BGA162PPS
    702-0000976SD SolutionBGA100 1.0mm eMMC CS125 14x18mm SD B0 BABGA100PPS
    702-0001028SD SolutionBGA254 0.5mm eMCP CS125 11.5x13mm SD B0 BA BGA254PPS

    Sireda provide SD Solution for memory IC chip data accessing, writting and reading. More SD Solution, please visit SD Solution Product List . For more information, please contact

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