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    Test Handler

    • PacakgeBGA, LGA, MCM
    • Nb of Pins1~ 1999
    • Pitch0.35mm or above

    Sireda provide panel test , multi site test solution, with advanced axis control system, floating positioning technology, make precision contact with IC device, MCM device. apply to engineer testing and production testing.

    1. Detailed information

    Test Handler


    1498021773838812.gif Strip or panel test

    1498021773838812.gif Multi site test simultaneously

    1498021773838812.gif High efficiency and reliability

    Test Handler.jpg



    • Floating positioning technology is applied to eliminate accumulated error for precise position.

    • Suitable for panel or strip test

    • Applicable for full tray devices(separted) test as well

    • Good compatibility for different sizes of panel by replace change kit


    Dimention: 1240X838X1712(L*W*H)

    Product Size:    85X300mm(Max)

    Gross Weight: 750Kg

    Power:   2000W

    斯纳达致力于精密夹具、自动化设备、电子控制及测试设备等, 公司与OMRON、YAMAHA等诸多国际知名品牌有紧密合作关系。如需定制化设备,请联系

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