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    Automatic Test (ATE) Socket

    • PacakgeBGA, LGA, QFN, QFP,SOP
    • Nb of Pins2 ~ 3000
    • Pitch0.35mm or above

    Automatic test or burn in test for IC devices or modules. Provide customized socket design according to customer's specific test requirements.

    1. Detailed information

    Automatic Test (ATE) Socket


    1498021773838812.gif Apply for automatice test, validation or burn in test of CPU, eMMC, eMCP, DDR, Nand, etc

    1498021773838812.gif System level or Functional test

    1498021773838812.gif Pitch can be as small as 0.35mm




    • ATE test socket is designed for Automatic test of  IC devices like CPU, eMMC, eMCP, DDR, Nand, etc.

    • Socket structure can be designed according to customer's application, can be Open top type or ATE machine type.

    • Open Top (OT) test socket is mainly for burn in test.

    • ATE test socket is suitalbe for different IC package of BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN, SOP, and so on.

    • With 15+ years of experience, socket can be design according to customer's specific requirements of frequency, current, resistance, etc.

    • Floating design provide better contact and protect DUT from damage.



    Material Socket Body:              Peek Ceramic/Torlon/PPS

    Material Socket Lid:                AL,POM

    Contact:                                         Pogo Pin

    Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 140 ℃

    Life Span:                                         100K Cycles

    Spring Force:                                 20g ~ 30g per Pin


    Current Rating:                        3A

    DC Resistance:                              Max. 100mΩ

    Part NumberNameDescriptionPackagePin NbMaterialRemarks
    702-0000025Test SocketQFN48 0.4mm CT 6x6mm BQFN48Peek CeramicATE
    702-0000883Test SocketSOP24 0.65mm NA ATE 4.4x7.8mm SOP24Peek CeramicATE
    702-0000933Test SocketLGA24 0.5mm GSL6101 ATE 3x3mm LGA24PPSATE
    702-0000625Test SocketDFN8 1.0mm NA OT 4x4.2mm DFN8Peek CeramicOpen Top
    702-0000684Test SocketBGA12 0.5mm NA OT 2x2.2mmBGA12PPSOpen Top

    Sireda provide automatic test (ATE) socket for IC packages of BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, SOP, etc. More ATE socket please visit Automatic Test (ATE) Socket List. For more information, please contact

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