BTB, FPC Test Socket - Manual

Suitable for manual test of all kinds of connector, BTB, FPC, FFC, etc. Highly customized design upon customer's requirements.

  • Pacakge: BTB, FPC, FFC, Connector
  • Nb of Pins: 2~200
  • Pitch: 0.20mm or above

BTB, FPC Test Socket, Test Clip for Manual Test


1498021773838812.gif Test, debug and validation for BTB, FPC, FFC and connectors

1498021773838812.gif Conduction verification of connectors on main board

1498021773838812.gif Apply for camera module, fingerprint module, drive motor, etc

1498021773838812.gif Pitch can be as small as 0.20mm

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                     FPC51 Test Clip




  • BTB,FPC test socket is designed for test, validation of FPC, FFC, BTB related products.

  • Apply for camera module, fingerprint module, drive motoer as well.

  • Provide two options of manual test and automatic test. solutions according to customer's application.

  • Pitch can be 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40mm or above.

  • Realize multi-connectors test or validation simultaneously.

  • Fast response to customer's requirements.

  • Customize design with the PCB.



Material Socket Body:              Torlon/PPS/PEEK Ceramic

Material Socket Lid:                AL, POM

Contact:                                         Pogo Pin/Blade Pin

Operation Temperature:          -40 ~ 125 ℃

Life Span:                                          50K Cycles

Spring Force:                                 20g ~ 30g per Pin


Current Rating:                        1A

DC Resistance:                              Max. 50mΩ

Part NumberNameDescriptionPackagePin NbMaterialRemark
702-0000126Test ClipBTB28 0.35mmBTB28TorlonManual
702-0001755Test Clip
FPC51 0.3mmFPC51PPS
702-0001850Test ClipFPC5 0.5mm CS 2eaFPC5PPSManual
702-0001917Test ClipFPC13 0.5mm 100G PIN ROSA for OpticalFPC13PPSManual
702-0002014Test ClipFPC35 0.5mmFPC35PPSManual

Sireda provide BTB, FFC, FPC test socket (manual or automatic) for all kinds of connector, BTB, FPC, FFC, etc. More BTB, FPC test socket please visit  BTB, FPC Test Socket List. For more information, please contact sales@sireda.com.

Application Example: Dual Test Clip for FPC Conductivity

A Dual-Test-Clip Fixture is used to test conductivity of a bended (intended to bend) FPC cable, so as to guarantee a good quality of FPC cable.It is compact and convenient to operate.

Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture       Sireda Technology|Test Socket|test fixture